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My Services


Whether you are a young adult, middle aged or about to reach you retirement, individual counselling can support you whatever life stage you are in. Each stage brings its own challenges and complexities, and my aim is to provide a safe, respectful space in which you can be supported in exploring and working through  issues you are facing. These may range from dealing with anxiety, depression, grief and loss, to issues related to addiction, abuse, trauma, and identity. At all times my aim is to be respectful of each person's world view and spiritual beliefs.


Couples counselling can assist couples in working on conflict resolution, expectations and underlying needs. My aim in working with you as a couple would be to provide a safe space for you both so that you can explore what is really going on in your relationship and work on new ways of relating


If your young or adolescent child is struggling at school or at home, it can sometimes be challenging to work out how to support them. My aim in counselling with children and adolescents is to provide a safe and accepting space for them to give voice to their concerns in a way that they feel comfortable with and at their own pace. My aim is also to assist them in working through what is challenging them in ways that are appropriate to their stage of development and within the context of the family or care that they are receiving. This means that at times joint sessions with caregivers may also be recommended. This will be explored and worked out with you in your initial visit.


Is your family having difficulty in communicating or working through conflict? Most, if not all, families have conflict of some kind, yet it can be a challenge to find dedicated time for issues to be explored in a constructive manner. My aim in working with you as a family would be to provide a secure, neutral space for issues to be heard and to provide support for you in meeting family goals, such as addressing how issues might be better resolved, improving communication or exploring roles and responsibilities within the family.

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