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"a safe and collaborative space that fosters wellbeing, helps to resolve crises and promotes healing"



Paul Cheung

Paul works as a private counselling practitioner in Macquarie Park and as an adolescent and family counsellor in Western Sydney. He has experience supporting clients who are working through issues of anxiety, depression, sexuality, abuse, relationship difficulties, and addiction...

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Individual counselling can help you whatever stage of life you are in, and help you to work through issues such as anxiety, depression, grief and loss, and addiction... 



It is common for a relationship to go through its ups and downs. Counselling can provide a neutral, non-judgemental space to help you safely take an honest look at what's happening in your relationship... 



If your young or adolescent child is struggling at home or at school, age-appropriate counselling can provide them a safe space to get support on what might be troubling them, done in a way that they feel comfortable...

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